A servant serves a master. A public servant serves the public. Dr. Deborah Birx was quintessentially that. Note the ‘was’, because yesterday, May 7, she pivoted.

You can tell she pivoted from public servant to servant of Donald Trump when, in response to a question from CNN’s Anderson Cooper about whether she agreed with what Trump had said about testing, rather than answer the question she pivoted. To her credit, she pivoted with panache, the kind of panache of which her now-co-spokesperson, Kellyanne Conway, has none. But she pivoted nonetheless. And with that, so far as I’m concerned, she lost all credibility.

Not so as far as CNN is concerned. And that’s concerning. Either Cooper didn’t notice, or else he pretended not to. Not unlike Fox with Trump, CNN has beatified Drs. Birx and Fauci, and once beatified, any fall from grace would be embarrassing for the Church. Back in the day these were called ‘indulgences’, for which the Church was paid a hefty price. But eventually it paid a heftier one.

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