It would be oxymoronic of me to complain about something having gone unreported, since if it went unreported I wouldn’t know it. The same applies to something that is reported but is then ignored, since if I’m complaining about it being ignored it’s not, being ignored that is.

Nor can I complain about something that’s being shrugged off by those who deem it unimportant. But I can about something being dismissed because, if true, it would be an ‘inconvenient’ truth. Here’s a case in point:

The I-Believe-You campaign should have taken at least a minor hit last week when, as part of her argument for why Joe Biden should “Pick me, pick me!” for his running mate, Stacey Abrams announced that she believed him rather than his female accuser. It would seem, then, that whether a woman is to be believed, even by other women, is a political judgment. Biden and Trump both deny the sexual misconduct allegations made against them, but Biden is Abrams’ man, whereas Trump is, well, not.

My beef is not with Abrams’ hypocrisy. She’s an aspiring politician. It’s that no one from the I-Believe-You campaign has taken the slightest notice.

But for all this assiduous avoidance, I think I-Believe-You has taken a hit. The wind can come out of a sail without our noticing, and without our noticing why. Sometimes it pays to pay attention, even when we’d rather not.

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