The Point Zero Zero One Percent

WHY MY COLLEAGUES ARE IDIOTS - Rant # 173 – THE POINT ZERO ZERO ONE PERCENT My grandmother was a Bolshevik, and my father a socialist. I came to adulthood during the turbulent Sixties, and for two decades I’ve been surrounded by gay-loving Bible-trashing academics. So it should come as no surprise that my political sympathies … Continue reading The Point Zero Zero One Percent

Texting and Driving

TEXTING AND DRIVING Most accidents are caused by carelessness, most car accidents by careless driving. Careless driving can be caused by any number of things, including impairment but also a desire to impress one’s buddies. Or, less plausibly, one’s date. Impairment, in turn, can be caused by any number of things – overtiredness, forgetting one’s … Continue reading Texting and Driving