Published Papers

“Why I Don’t Vote But You Go Right Ahead.” Paul Viminitz vs. Kent A. Peacock. To Vote or Not to Vote Debate. The Dalhousie Review86.1, Spring 2006, 27–35. 

“The Deer Hunter Paradox”, OSSA Conference Proceedings, University of Windsor, 1999. (Response to Viminitz, Jan Narveson).


In the first Russian Roulette scene in the Deer Hunter, do the circumstances giving rise to Mike’s and Nick’s “rebellion” merely document Kahneman-Tversky-type glitches in the reasoning of their Vietcong captors, or does the scene also reveal a genuine inadequacy in our current understanding of interactive rationality–the resolution of which would have profound implications for rational choice theory and its myriad applications? I argue the latter.

VIMINITZ, P. (2016). Getting the Baseline Right—or—Why I’m Right and Everyone Else is Wrong, in each of the Two Senses of ‘Why’. Dialogue,55(4), 739-757. doi:10.1017/S0012217316000676

Viminitz, Paul. “A defence of terrorism.” Journal of philosophical research 30.Supplement (2005): 397-408.

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