EDI commissars are trained to notice who are under-represented in positions of privilege – Blacks in the US, Indigenous in Canada – but not the logical complement, namely the over-represented. Who are the latter? Well, white males certainly. But also East Asians, South Asians, and especially Jews. When the Porter Report: The Vertical Mosaic was published in Canada in 1965, people of colour – black, brown, yellow and red – were less of a factor in public consciousness than they are today. But Jews were over-represented then, and they’re over-represented now.

Why are Jews over-represented in medicine, dentistry, science, law, professorships, accountancy, business …? For three reasons. 1) Jewish worship requires universal literacy, so with the Renaissance emphasis on learning, a leg up was already built into our culture. 2) Under our sojourn in Europe we were denied the right to own land – hence no poor farmers – while simultaneously alone being allowed usury. And 3) the advantages produced by (1) and (2) tend to be inherited.

A polity that’s indifferent to equity is rife for violent revolution. But the logical complement of giving a leg up to women, African Americans and Indigenous Canadians, is taking one away from white males, Asians, and Jews. Asians and Jews tend to hold their resentment close to the chest. White males, on the other hand, are a very different story. We’re beginning to see pushback south of the border. And it’s gradually spreading north.

My wife predicts civil war. I think she’s awfulising. Mind you, I thought she was awfulising when she predicted the Woke takeover of the university, including my own. So I’ve learned, albeit begrudgingly, to take her seriously. So do I predict that very soon now some white male recently graduated PhD in Philosophy relegated to selling life insurance for $40,000 a year is going to walk into some university president’s office with an AR 15? I do not. But as just noted, prediction is not my forte.

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