The raid on Mar-a-Lago has done little to dampen the conviction that there’s a deep-state conspiracy against the Donald, and one designed to ensure that the Democrats remain in power. And the Dobbs decision has motivated many women to try to ensure just that.

Only time will tell how these two countervailing vectors will affect the American mid-terms, and then the 2024 Presidential to follow. My money is on neither Trump nor Biden running in 2024. Trump will be too old, and Biden always has been. But whoever runs, much hangs on what the American people think of Dobbs.

If abortion is not the issue – because “It’s [always] the economy, stupid!” – then it comes down, as it generally ought to, to the distribution of the cooperative dividend, i.e. to the redistribution of wealth through taxation. But if it’s about Dobbs, then it comes down to whether there are more of “those controlling bitches” or more women who resent being controlled. Since I’m notoriously myopic about predicting such things – because I keep taking my cues from the Canadian ethos rather than attending more carefully to our moral inferiors south of the border – I’m not going to pronounce on which way it’ll go. But if it does go the wrong way – i.e. the bitches outnumber the resenters – I hope our own leaders in Ottawa are ready to open the border wide to gays, trans people, and, yes, soon enough it’ll be stem cell researchers.

It used to be the case in American politics that the front-runner had to take to the extreme to secure his or her base, and then drift towards the centre for the general. But Trump nailed the coffin on that one. If Trump passes the tiki-torch to DeSantis we can expect more of the same from the Republicans. But probably not from the Democrats.

The problem with the Democrats is that the candidate most likely to win, like Michelle Obama, is also the least likely to be willing to run. And the most qualified, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, can’t be elected because he’s Jewish. So the Dems are going to end up with some Hillary-cloned hyena, like Kamala Harris, in which case the only question is who’ll be DeSantis’ vice-president? I’m hoping for my heartthrob, Margorie Taylor Greene, because for me the American news media is my go-to comedy club.

But none of this is what I meant to bitch about today. What I meant to bitch about – and so I guess now I will – is the cumulative number of interview hours squandered on this “Thanks for having me!” trope that seems to have replaced just answering the first fucking question! There, I’ve said it. And I’m glad!

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