If nothing else, you’ve got to admire the consistency of people who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. So against a vigorous 73 year old, what do the Dems do? They put up a doddering 77 year old. Against a repulsive but highly skilled demagogue they offer a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal. American elections are won by enthusiasm. How enthusiastic can one get over lukewarm oatmeal?

So the Dems are going to have to hang their hopes in November on the younger (preferably) black woman who middle class white Americans could see being their President when, not if, Sleepy Joe falls ‘asleep’, probably the day after inauguration. Trump is scary on the right. They need someone equally scary on the left. Scary and, if possible, sexy. AOC would do, but she’s not yet of age.

Okay, forget scary. How ‘bout warm and comforting? But not in an oatmeal-ish way. Well, let’s see now. Who do we know who’s black, female, warm, comforting, articulate, by no means unsexy, bereft of baggage, already well loved on both sides of the racial divide, and with years of experience in the White House to boot? Hmm …

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  1. Michele Obama? I’d bet on Kamala Harris.


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