Now that Asian Lives Matter has eclipsed the Black Lives Matter movement, if only for a week or two, I wonder what it’ll take to get a White Lives Matter movement off the ground. Probably some black man walking into a McDonalds and shooting a dozen white customers, leaving the black kids working behind the counter unscathed. 

It’s important that he not be himself a BLM member, because that would just make it political. That is, we don’t want it to be a declaration of a race war. We want it to be just a straightforward case of mindless hatred of white people. 

If black lives matter, Asian lives matter, hispanic lives matter, indigenous lives matter, and now white lives matter, will it be allowed to follow that all lives matter? I’m guessing not, because we wouldn’t want to lose the charge that All Lives Matter is a feint for white supremacy. So I’m not sure my McDonalds fantasy is going to improve the public’s capacity to do logic. But I think it might take a little of the wind out of the BLM movement’s sails. 

It might also take a bit of wind out of its sails by asking how much African lives matter to African Americans. But that would be churlish, whereas ‘churlish’ would be a strange word to use about the murder of a dozen people.

I find these oddities in our reasoning fascinating, don’t you?  

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  1. I find the oddities in your reasoning fascinating, yes.


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