Back in 2003 the University of Lethbridge declined to honour its guarantees of confidentiality, and so for the last 17 years I haven’t served on any University-related committee involving that guarantee. In 2016 academic freedom was placed under constructive suspension at the University, and has yet to be reinstated. And now the University has explicitly adopted a race-based hiring policy. So I can’t say I’m terribly proud to be associated with this less-than-stellar Alberta’s version of Ontario’s Last Chance U.

But on the other hand they pay me too well. And though I have a standing offer of a post-career career, it’s abroad, and so I can’t take it until after this damn Covid thing is over. In short, when it comes to integrity, I follow the lead of my superiors.

And besides, if I resigned in some lame attempt at protest, who’d be left to corrupt the youth of the city?  

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