Shortly after having passed its Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, the UN ran out of acronyms. So just to avoid confusion, it’s the other UNDRIP that’s the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Invisible People. Women and visible minorities have long since complained about feeling invisible. Well, try being a ghost!

I’ve recently re-posted my wife’s post listing the ten articles of the Declaration. But what neither she, nor any of her equally woke fellow travellers have appreciated, is the added oppression of those who find themselves at the intersection of indigeneity and invisibility. Trans women complain that in denying that they’re women, bigots like me are denying their existence. So imagine the pain I’m inflicting by claiming that trans women indigenous ghosts aren’t women and that they don’t even exist. 

“Do you believe in me or not?” asked Jacob Marley. To which Scrooge begrudgingly answered, “I must, I must.” Under similar circumstances I suppose I would have too. But hard to know how I’d have answered if Marley had come out of the closet – or, in his case, through the closed door – as both trans-gendered and trans-racial.

Well, as Article 10 of the Declaration makes clear, since every oppressor becomes the oppressed,  I guess I’m going to find out.

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  1. Some medical and legal pushback on the trans front from England, especially poignant as it involves minors: It appears that doctors catering to adolescents with gender dysphoria have been creatively interpreting scientific studies about the value and safety of puberty blockers, and moving too quickly to mutilating surgery (bilateral mastectomy in a teenager in this case). If our only tool is a hammer, every problem has to be a nail.

    No word about ghosts, though.


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