I take it we’ve all heard of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. That it was an anti-Semitic forgery and yada yada yada. But how many of us had actually read it? I certainly hadn’t. Until last night. Ready for an impartial book report? It’s utterly fascinating! 

Putting aside the gratuitous attribution to a bunch of mephistophelian Jews issuing their tribe advice on how to control the world, it’s just what it says it is: a 70-page instruction manual on how to control the world, regardless of who might be interested in controlling it. And more to our own interests, regardless of who might interested in resisting that control. 

Is there advice in it that hadn’t been issued before? No. But it issues it so unabashedly that it’s hard not to see its recommendations in action throughout history and in what goes on every day. How to control the pursestrings, how to manipulate the press and the intelligentsia.

In fact it’s hard to think of a stone it leaves unturned. And that it’s wisdom is being attributed to my own people just makes me all the prouder to be Jewish. Or so it would were it not that, if there is an international Zionist conspiracy, why haven’t I been let in on it? Even if they think I’ll exercise my right of refusal, they could at least do me the courtesy of offering to let me join.

Ah, but a prophet is never honoured in his own country. Or in this case by his own people. 

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