There are a few people who think the Nazis had the right idea; they just got it wrong about which is the master race. There are more than a few people, myself included,  who think that people of one race are, paradigmatically at least, better than those of another race in some particular respect. For example, we Jews are funny in much the way you Swedes are not. But what would it mean to say that people of one race are superior to people of another full stop? 

Any answers will die the death of a thousand qualifications. So in the same way that hate speech has nothing to do with hate, and “Indigenous Studies” has nothing to do with indigeneity, I suspect that white supremacy is a metonym for something having nothing to do with supremacy. For example, does the white supremacist think we should if we could reinstitute slavery? He does not. Does he think we should if we could disenfranchise everyone who is not white? Unlikely. Would he send all Black Americans back to Africa? And leave the NBA and NFL to be played by wimpy white guys?! So what exactly does he advocate?

The truth is he doesn’t know. But the more curious truth is neither do we. We’re all up in arms about they know not what and we know not what. They have their own t-shirts. They have their own flags. They even have their own marching songs. But they have no legislative agenda. 

But hang on. Neither does Black Lives Matter, or Occupy Wall Street, or Idle No More, or #MeToo. What all these people have in common – and that includes these white supremacists – is they’re pissed off. In some cases – like BLM and white supremacists – they’re pissed off with each other. But rightly so! I say this because in many cases social justice just is a zero sum game. If one people has a right of nature to try to acquire power, another has a right of nature to try to hold on to it.

So acts of white supremacy violence are fake news as far as Fox is concerned because only CNN and MSNBC cover them, whereas BLM violence is fake news as far as CNN and MSNBC are concerned because only Fox covers them. By contrast, as far as I’m concerned neither is fake news because neither is news at all. Human beings have been fighting over resources, and forming alliances to do so, since before they emerged from the cave. The rhetoric of rights-talk is just verbal war paint. 

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