People complain about the cold. So what does God do? He warms it up a little. And then they get hysterical about global warming. Can you blame Him for getting a bit miffed? “Here, let me give you something to really complain about!”

There hasn’t been a peep about global warming for months now. Is that worth the half million souls He’ll have killed with this thing? I dunno. He killed at least that many just to get a few Jews to sing His praises every Passover. I suppose it’s a question of just how irritated He is with this pasty-faced self-righteous finger-wagging prig from Sweden. They say God is infinitely patient. But the slaughter of the first-born of Egypt would seem to suggest otherwise.

Now look. If the religious right can claim Katrina was God’s punishing America for legalizing same-sex marriage, why can’t I wonder whether Covid 19 is God just giving us a break from Greta Thunberg?

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