‘cuz you just might get it.

Truer words may never be spoken if it turns out the coronavirus delivers on precisely what the environmental movement has been yearning for lo this last half century. In this one fell swoop that hope is for worldwide wholesale economic collapse and so a consequent dramatic reduction in greenhouse gasses, plus a culling of the herd, perhaps down to more sustainable levels. From the perspective of the individual who’s lost both her job and her elderly parents, it’s a tragedy beyond endurance. But from a God’s eye point of view, even if there isn’t one – a God, that is – it’s just a segment in the circle of life.

The problem is that, even if there were a God, what is His point of view to me? If He’s entitled to His druthers, I’m entitled to mine. If He thinks His are incumbent upon me, then, dammit, mine are incumbent upon Him. He can be as powerful as He likes. But when it comes to the law of contracts, He and I are jural equals.

Not unlike in Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities, ours will be “the best of times and the worst of times.” Disaster brings out the best in people and the worst in them. That our streets are not going to devolve to anarchy – touch wood! – speaks volumes about “the better angels of our nature.”

As a knee-jerk critic of whatever powers may be, today I am forced to acknowledge that much hangs on the confidence we have in our leaders. South of the 49th that confidence has been largely forfeit. North of it, and both to the East and the West, that confidence can be, and is being, fruitfully harvested. Today is the Ides of March. It remains to be seen what will unfold today in the Forum.

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