There are no Italian restaurants in Italy. They’re just restaurants. Similarly, until the late Sixties there was no ‘conservative’ radio. There was just radio. The conservative media became ‘conservative’ only when the mainstream turned to the left. As a result, a few years ago the ‘right’ was as radical as the left was back in the day. But as the pushback gains momentum, it’s well on its way to becoming mainstream again. Hegel called this over two hundred years ago. ‘Tis always thus, said he. Every movement bears the seeds of its own reversal. Nothing remains in equilibrium for long.

And that includes the culture wars raging today. For example, in insisting that self-identification is criterial of gender-identity rather than evidential, the trans-activists went too far, and now they’re floundering from the ridicule they rightly deserve. In insisting that any criticism of the State of Israel is anti-Semitism, the Zionist lobby has made itself a laughing stock. In over-selling the myth of indigenous exceptionalism to service its need to virtue signal, advocates of settler-guilt should have anticipated that any kind of self-flagellating has a best-before date, and that at a certain point one turns the whip on the approving crowd.

When these things happen, when the social justice warrior becomes the perpetrator of repression, any resistance gets called trans-phobic, or anti-Semitic, or racist. And that works for a while. Until, that is, the sting doesn’t sting anymore. Until, that is, one withdraws uptake to the judgments of her would-be scolders. Then all hell can break loose.

Which is exactly what’s happening. We anti-Semitic trans-phobic racists are beginning to fight back. The Thousand Year Reich lasted twelve. I wouldn’t give SJW–ism a whole lot more.

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  1. A Pendulum swings. What also matters is there a blade of totalitarianism attached.


  2. What is concerning is the amplitude of the swings and the slow movement. It may be a century before the balance is restored.


  3. Hallelujah!! The end (or at least the tapering off) is in sight.


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