For the prosecution to get a conviction, it’s not enough that I confess to the crime. I have to make good on every element the prosecution would have had to make good on had I not confessed, including means, motive, opportunity, and so on. So yes, the authorities have long since lost track of the number of seekers-after-notoriety who’ve confessed to their involvement in 9/11. In fact I’m one of them. But none of these confessions, including my own, have been taken the least bit seriously.

They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. If only! Rather it’s the devil’s greatest frustration that he can’t convince the world he does.

Why’s it so difficult? Because my co-conspirators and I can explain in the most minute detail how we did it. But all that shows is that we could have done it. But could have doesn’t entail did. So my question to all you 9/11 Truthers out there is this: What would count as actionable evidence for whatever your account happens to be? For remember: anything short of legal actionability is just idle conjecture.

To be fair, conjecture is not nothing. Christians conjecture – quite rightly, as it happens – that we Jews killed their Lord. And on the basis of that conjecture they kill a few of us every Easter. Sometimes considerably more than just a few. That seems perfectly reasonable to me. But even if you’re convinced you have in your sights those who were truly responsible for 9/11, what’re ya gonna do about it? Even if you convinced the rest of us, what’re we gonna do about it? Not a damn thing if we can’t get a conviction. And for the reasons just rehearsed, we wouldn’t get a conviction – at least not two decades after the fact – even if we now had a detailed confession.

So if you’re just looking to assign blame – and that seems to be all you can be looking to do – why worry about the truth? Would it have mattered to the Nazis if it turned out we didn’t kill your Lord? If you have a bee in your bonnet about the Israelis and their neo-con allies – and who could blame you if you did? – why stop at just 9/11? Why not add the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

No doubt this comes across as sarcasm. But it’s not. Your obsession with 9/11 is just too acute to be driven by idle historical curiosity. This is not to say – as your feckless accusers are wont to say – that it’s driven by some subconscious but deep-seated anti-Semitism. But it’s driven by something. And it’s that something – very likely something perfectly laudable – that needs to be pursued directly rather than via the rabbit hole from which you’re never going to find your way out.

If you can come up for air, please do. There are things up here that could sorely use your not-inconsiderable attention.

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