Guest Post by Pamela Lindsay: The ubiquitous, questionable, and possibly unethical use of implicit bias tests and training at Canadian universities under the auspices of EDI.

I’ve spent some time over the past two years of Covid-lockdown isolation researching EDI programmes. What follows is something of an annotated bibliography rather than a summary of my findings. (Note that I’ll be using  implicit and unconscious bias interchangeably.) Search any… Read More ›


Because for seventy years Yugoslavia was one country, as government workers, university professors, and so on, Serbs and Croats lived side by side in its capital, Belgrade. So I’m told that, when the war broke out after the death of… Read More ›


If people want radically different things from their government, it’s unlikely there’s going to be enough political stability to produce much of anything. So it’s a sign of a healthy society that the distance between Liberals and Conservatives in Canada… Read More ›